OMORC Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager /Massage Gun, Handheld Electric Massager for Muscle Soreness Relief Gray

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Super Low NoiseSafe and EfficientLCD Touch ScreenOMORC Massage Gun, Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager, Handheld Electric Massager for Muscle Soreness Relief with 30 Adjustable Speeds
About This Product

Instant Muscle Pain Relief Have you ever had a complete massage after a tough workout? That’s what OMORC muscle massage gun can also do for you—run it over your upper traps, quads, calves, or any other tight muscle group, within a few minutes, the powerful massage gun effectively works over a large muscle group, loosening tissue, increasing blood flow, and temporarily easing pain and soreness—and you don’t have to tip anyone at the end.

30 Powerful & Silent Speeds OMORC muscle massager features 30 adjustable intensity/speed modes from 1200rpm to 3200rpm, whether you are a professional athlete or an office worker, you can find the most comfortable and appropriate speed for different body parts. Quiet as a refrigerator hum--advanced noise reduction technology facilitates quiet operation no more than 50dB, using in gym or office without worries.

8H Ultra-long Running Time Long-lasting 2500mAh lithium battery runs up to 8 hours each full charge, which is enough for 2 weeks workout, travel without charging issues. Fast charge technology enables quick charge in only 2.5 hours, less waiting, more muscle easing. Note: for the facial gun is powerful and efficient, recommend using it 1-2 minutes on each muscle and limiting use time to 30 minutes per day.

6 Interchangeable Massage Heads OMORC percussion muscle massager gun offers comfortable muscle therapy with 6 massage heads in different shapes, providing precise treatment for different muscle groups from large muscles on back to small muscles on foot. Easy to attach and detach in several seconds.

Easy to Use and Light to Hold Simply attach the desired massage head, choose the appropriate speed, point at and move on the target muscle with little effort, then let it do its work. Weighs only 2.53lbs, taking little effort to hold. Comes with a sturdy case for storage and carrying convenience. Clear touch screen clearly shows the remaining battery and speed stage.


Warm Tips for Safe and Comfortable Massage 1. Use only on soft tissues, do NOT use on head or any hard part of the body. 2. Always make sure to start a massage after the massage gun vibrates normally. 3. Use on dry, clean surface of body, gently press on body, move back and forth in each area for a few seconds. 4. Do not massage a same muscle for too long; recommend using 1-2 minutes on each muscle and 15-30 minutes per day. 5. Stop massaging immediately and check the massage area after pain or discomfort appears. 6. Do not block massage gun ventilation holes when using. 7. Do not immerse the fascia gun in any liquid; clean the surface with a wet towel if needed. 8. Only use the provided adapter for charging. 9. Please check the equipment and battery carefully before each use. 10. Children are not allowed to use the massage gun without supervision.

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