Ultrasonic Cool Mist Top Fill Humidifier

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EASY   FILL – EASY CLEAN – The top fill humidifier is filter free and designed for   ease. Remove the lid and use any pitcher to fill the 2 gallon tank. The tank   is also large enough to be able to clean the inside by wiping it down with a   cloth.       

 DISHWASHER SAFE : The humidifier’s lid, cap, as well as the center mist   chamber that twists out can be easily washed by running through a standard   dishwasher on the top rack making cleaning the smaller pieces of the   humidifier hassle free.        

WHISPER QUIET : Ultrasonic whisper quiet operation, perfect for a good   night’s sleep. The automatic shutoff safety feature engages when empty,   blinking red for a few seconds then powers the humidifier off if not refilled   with water.    

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